Engineering and Maintenance

Engineering Excellence –
Aircraft & Helicopter

With four large aircraft bays, a dedicated helicopter bay and a small aircraft (King Air) bay, in-house NDT, 12,000 square metres of workshop space and a huge range of tooling, Volare Aviation can manage any level of aircraft or helicopter engineering.

Extensive In-house NDT facilities

To meet your technical challenges

Our core business is delivering ‘C’-checks and we conduct the full array in-house. Having NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) capabilities at our extensive workshops saves significant time and cost by minimising any logistical challenges.

From Refurbishment to Avionics Modernisation

Our dedicated team can handle any project

With in-house design and production approvals within Volare Aviation, we also specialise in structural modifications which increase aircraft capabilities, comply with regulatory changes and harmonise larger fleets.

Our in-house upholstery team can turn their hands from re-fits to VIP upgrades while our avionics teams can change both IFE and cockpit instrumentation ensuring that your avionics and electrical systems are either cutting edge or running like clockwork.

Wealth of experience in-house

Over 50 Years of Engineering Heritage

Although Volare Aviation is a relatively new company, we are built on the foundations of three established and very successful aerospace businesses and are growing a new MRO from the ashes of ATC-Lasham Ltd. Building on the excellent heritage and large aircraft engineering expertise at the Lasham site, Volare Aviation is fully committed to transforming the facilities into a formidable 6-Bay, Part 145 capability and modernising working practices in order to create resounding commercial success.